> Multi-touch Music Tiles


I built a multitouch pad music player that uses gesture recognition to execute various sounds. This application produces two sound styles and includes eight different instruments to choose from!

To create the multitouch pad, I designed, laser cut, and bent the acryllic into a touchpad. For the electronics, I soldered in the LEDs and USB cable, using an ON/OFF switch to control the power input. For gesture recognition, I used OpenCV to track finger movements inn order to play the appropriate sounds accordingly.

Midterm Project for 6.810 Engineering Interactive Technologies.
View the code here.

For more information on the implementation and features of this application, check out the video below!

Camera for gesture recognition mounted at the bottom of the multitouch pad

Integrated LEDs

Lasercut and bent acryllic

USB port to power the multitouch pad

System view

Video Demo