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November 2018


Below are various mini-projects used for getting familiar and trained on the available makerspace tools. Projects include: The LED Candle, Parametric Candle, Laser Cut Business Card, and 3D Printed Mini Octopi.

The LED Candle simulates a real candle by turning off when wind is detected, and turning back on with a button press. The entire system can be toggled with an on/off switch.

Mini-projects for 6.810 Engineering Interactive Technologies.

Files for these projects are not available.

LED Candle OFF

LED Candle ON

Blow LED Candle Demo
(implemented via Arduino)

Parametric Candle Demo
(created via Rhino3D)

Below are design projects used to get familiar with the in-class laser cutter and 3d printer.

Laser Cut Business Card

3D Printed Mini Octopi
(model from Thingiverse)