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November 2020


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I would highly recommend 6.170 to individuals looking for an applied, project-based class to learn more about software design and web development. Both the professors and TAs were incredibly approachable, and cared a lot not only about their students' learning experience, but also personal well-being. The great teaching style, class culture, and topics introduced makes this class one of the most rewarding classes I've taken at MIT!

Example topics include:

  • Creating Dynamic Websites (DOM - Document Object Model)
  • REST API + Functional Programming/Closures + Server vs Client Side Scripting (NodeJS)
  • Styling + Reactive Programming (HTML + CSS + VueJS + Vuetify)
  • Databases (SqlLite + PostgreSQL)
  • Conceptual Design + Logic/Data Models
  • Design Heuristics + Ethical Protocol Analysis
Midterm Project for 6.170 Software Studio.

View the Moqups Wireframes here.
Code for this project is not available.

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