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One Step Closer

Overcoming challenges requires healing the pain of the past, as well as growing from the burdens of the present. It can be extremely discouraging because results are often unnoticeable when we are most desperate to see them. However, we must believe that each step taken will lead us in a better direction. Skating to a song called “One Step Closer” from the anime Fruits Basket, Diane and Sabina acknowledge that healing is hard and growth is gradual, but despite any discouraging moments, we are strong enough to keep moving forward, one step at a time.

December 2019


Sometimes we may feel surrounded by walls that prevent us from living on our own terms. For Sabina, it's finding her passions in the face of societal expectations. For Diane, it's being able to care for the people she loves without losing herself. For Flora, it's self-doubt and fear that she's not enough. Their piece, set to the song “Barricades” from the anime Attack on Titan, is about finding the courage and motivation to break through these walls and live free.

March 2019


Representing the MIT Figure Skating Club, Sabina took 3rd place in the Senior Ladies Short Program at Carnegie Cup 2018. The competition was hosted by Carnegie Mellon University as part of the US Northeast Intercollegiate Figure Skating Team Competition. Sabina skated to "The System Holds Justice at Gunpoint" by Yugo Kanno, from the Psycho Pass OST.

March 2018

Psycho Pass

We each view the world through our own lenses, shaped by our personal experiences and the stories we hear. Is there a universal moral compass that we can use to judge others and ourselves, or are we doomed to face conflict when we meet people too different from us? Skating to the main theme from the anime Psycho Pass, Diane and Sabina present their fourth duet together, exploring the difficulty of understanding and accepting one another.

March 2018


In the grind of everyday life, expectations and uncertainty weigh us down. Sometimes they overwhelm us so much that we can’t enjoy life for fear of disappointing ourselves and the people we care about. Skating to a song called “Nirvana” from the anime Noragami, Sabina and Diane seek moments of bliss in the face of doubt and anxiety by learning to appreciate the present, despite worries for the future.

December 2017


We have all, at some point in our lives, experienced self-discovery and self-doubt. We seek answers to our inner thoughts and emotions, learn things about ourselves that we are initially afraid to believe, and hopefully come to embrace a truer version of ourselves. Skating to a song called "Unravel" from the anime Tokyo Ghoul, Diane and Sabina journey on the oftentimes scary, yet invigorating path towards self-acceptance.

March 2017

History Maker

In celebration of the last episode of Yuri on Ice! coming out on Dec 26, 2016, Diane and I skated to a cover of the opening sequence "History Maker" by Dean Fujioka! We learned and recorded this routine all in only an hour during finals week. Since uploading this cover, our video has over 180k views online!

December 2016

Friend A

Friendships come and go, but during our hardest times, a true friend has the power to lift us out of the darkness. Even when unfortunate circumstances take them away from us, our special friend will continue to live in our hearts forever. Skating to a song called "Friend A" from the anime Your Lie in April, Sabina and Diane hope to express a story of love, loss, and true friendship.

December 2016