Projects > 100 Days of Code

Challenge to code for at least one hour a day for the next 100 days. This challenge is inspired by #100DaysOfCode.

My goals through this challenge are: to find more time to work on personal projects, to build self-confidence in my programming abilities through practice, to improve my efficiency in coding, to integrate coding and self-development into my daily life, and to become more comfortable with various computer science topics through exposure and experience.

To follow my progress, check out updates and summaries of my work via this blog and on GitHub. For projects taken from MIT classes, I may not be able to post my code publicly due to MIT academic policies. For these projects, commits will be done so privately, however, I will still summarize my progress with a brief overview of some lessons learned. Furthermore, this challenge will be done purely during own time (coding at work does not count as part of the one hour!)

Let's begin!