> MITx Cybersecurity for Critical Urban Infrastructure

December 16, 2020


Project Information
MITx Cybersecurity for Critical Urban Infrastructure


Progress Details

  • MITx Cybersecurity for Critical Urban Infrastructure
    • [DONE - 12/16] Module 1: Understanding the Cybersecurity Problem
    • [DONE - 12/16] Module 2: Initial Communications with a Client Agency
    • [DONE - 12/22] Module 3: Onsite Assessment of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
    • [DONE - 12/22] Module 4: Preparing a Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment
  • [DONE - Spring 2021] I took the class at MIT, and highly recommend it for individuals interested in cybersecurity consulting for defensive social engineering of critical urban infrastructures!


This class is more about how to present information, communicate, and negotiate respectfully with clients, as opposed to learning any specific cybersecurity applications. This would be super interesting to take to gain experience with security risk on the management level, but wouldn't help with studying more specific technical concepts, ie. for the CISSP, though having some cybersecurity background is still very beneficial. This class will provide a firm foundation in writing and communicating professional recommendations after assessing the cyberrisk of an organization.

Scratch Notes

  • InfoSec vs CyberSec vs OPSEC - InfoSec aims to keep data in any form secure, whereas cybersecurity protects only digital data. OPSEC is an iterative process that assists an organization in identifying specific pieces of information requiring protection and employing measures to protect them.
  • Gathering information is a lot more than just pure technical/goal-focused work. Building trust between relationships and understanding how to negotiate and work/talk with people is equally important.