> ReactJS + React Bootstrap

November 16, 2020


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ReactJS + React Bootstrap


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Pokemon / Book Query


Book Query with Infinite Scrolling

Simple Login

Simple Login

JWT Authentication

JWT Authentication

Scratch Notes

  • React hooks: useState, useEffect, etc.
  • React syntax and best practices have changed ALOT in just the past 2 years, especially with the transition from classes to functional programming (as opposed to ES6) and the use of hooks for state.
  • React allows the user to write using normal javascript, as opposed to Vue which requires learning a new language in itself.
  • React shifts web dev focus to component and state-based. Good for modularization (similar to removing/adding lego blocks without destroying other structures).
  • NodeJS/Express is for backend routing (REST API, CRUD, http requests) to send/receive data from server. SQL/MongoDB for database for persistent storage. VueJS/React for front-end UI, reactive client-side state management, and routing.