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October 27, 2020


Project Information
Blender: Donut (Blender Guru - Instructions)


  • Finished Part 6, Level 1: Rendering

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Rendered Donut
(Part 6, Level 1)

Lessons Learned

  1. Blender is a powerful tool, but it has a very large learning curve.
  2. Blender is good at modeling more organic shapes, and for creating assets for games or animation. However, it is not a good tool for building precise engineering structures. For that, use a CAD software.

Future Work

The "Blender Donut" is an extremely popular Intro-to-Blender series on YouTube that is often known as the Blender "Rite of Passage" for beginners who are first learning how to use the Blender software (similar to "Hello World" for programming or #3DBenchy for 3d printing). The entire series introduces you to the basics of Blender, such as 3d sculpting, rendering, and animation. For my purposes, I just wanted to learn the basic features and how to maneuver my way through the application, so I stopped before the coloring and animation portion of the tutorial. In the future, however, I may have to come back to this to review the more advanced concepts if I get more involved with 3d modeling.