> OverTheWire (Bandit - General Skills)

September 07, 2020


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OverTheWire (Bandit - General Skills)


  • Finished "Bandit" of OverTheWire

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  • Wargames are actually different from CTFs! [Reddit Post]



Day 1 (up to "Level 10 → Level 11"):

  • Writing the Writeups while playing is very slow. Probably because I am being very detailed. Once I start participating in live competitions where the competitions are timed, this process will need to be sped up. I might need to figure out how to more efficiently document. Maybe it is time to convert to complete mouseless-ness (is that even possible on a mac?!)
Day 2 (up to "Level 20 → Level 21"):
  • The questions have started shifting towards more network-related concepts, ie port scanning, nmap, ssh. I did another network deep-dive in order to review major concepts/vocabulary. Since I've already researched most of the concepts before here, many of the topics I came across again were easier to understand this time around. It's a small victory to have realized that I retained some knowledge from the past Project 100 projects. Yay!
  • The problem I've enjoyed the most today was the one involving multi-layer data decompression. It was super fun to play with different filetypes and learn about different decompression commands.
Day 3 (done):
  • Despite knowing how to work through them now, I'm still very confused about setuid executables..
  • First time writing a bash script and daemon! One small step for Sabina, one big step towards less headaches for future Sabina.
  • Trying to work around file permissions is a headache..
  • Git questions appear in wargames??

Lessons Learned

  1. Regex and bash commands are hard, but rewarding and very useful when understood.
  2. Embrace the confusion. You know what you know; you don't know what you don't know. It has been a while since I felt the feeling of complete and utter loss and confusion when presented with a new problem. That was how I felt for the majority of questions involving daemons and file permissions. However when we got to git-related questions, I blew through the levels very quickly, because I was already familiar with the concepts presented. That's just how it goes! It's normal to be confused when seeing a new problem for the first time! The great thing is that the next time a similar problem appears, we have the tools and experience to more easily work through it after figuring it out this time!