> PicoCTF 2019 (General Skills)

June 07, 2020


Project Information
PicoCTF 2019 (Game)


  • Researched CTFs
  • Found some useful YouTubers and CTF websites to follow
  • Finished "General Skills" of PicoCTF 2019

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CTFs are so cool! This is basically the "hacker"-type knowledge that I've always wanted to learn. I'm so glad to finally have the experience and ability to be able to understand how to approach many of the questions. Looking forward to exploring more.

Lessons Learned

  1. Everyone starts somewhere; don't let ego or embarrassment get in the way of your enjoyment in learning. PicoCTF is geared towards high school students. I am currently pursuing my Master degree in computer science. In the beginning, I definitely got frustrated with myself at times for not knowing some of the concepts when I "should have known better". But how could I have "known better" if I never saw the concepts before? Everyone starts somewhere, and I am starting now. And boy am I having fun every step of the way! No need to feel embarrassed or frustrated. Learning and experience is gradual. One day I will look back and see the progress I've made (just like many other things in life). No one starts out an expert in their field.