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March 18, 2020


Project Information


  • Followed some cool online tutorials by TheCodingTrain to make simple applications in Processing

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I've needed to learn how to use Processing for my Master's research. Generally, I don't like blindly diving into code that I don't understand, so I usually try to get a firm foundation before scripting anything important. So here was my attempt at some practice before going back to my research.

Processing is so cool! You can do so many cool visualization so easily. The different games creatable are limitless!

I need to get familiar with Java again. The great news is that understanding one programming language well, ie. Python, definitely made it easier to learn and re-learn other programming languages more easily, just via pure pattern matching. However, I will need to review the language basics one day to completely feel comfortable with the language again..

Particle (overlap)

Particle (no overlap)

Bouncing Ball

Bubble Object

Lessons Learned

  1. Doing random deep-dives are definitely breaths of fresh air. No expectations, but just learning for the sake of learning and enjoyment.
  2. Things I learn in one semester, will be used again the following semesters in different ways. For example, after learning Unity last semester, I had to use it again this semester for the class I am TA'ing now! I can't wait to see how Processing will be used again in the future.