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October 02, 2019


Project Information
Unity: Cubethon (Brackeys - Instructions)


  • Created my first full game!
  • Topics learned include: camera placement, collision/rigid bodies, scoring, user interfaces, landing pages, and leveling

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First full game I made on Unity3D, based on Brackey's tutorial of Cubethon from his "How to Make a Video Game" series. This is a simple obstacle avoidance game, with 3 levels of gameplay, real-time scoring, and start/finish landing pages. You are a red cube moving at a constant velocity forward. Use WASD to move (L/R arrow keys don't work). Avoid the incoming blocks of walls, but don't fall off the road! The game will automatically level up after passing all the obstacles for that level.

Title Menu

Level Up



Lessons Learned

  1. While the project is fresh, document, document, document! I'm writing this entry literally 2 months after I actually did this project. Any "Lessons Learned" I can think of can be extended from previous Unity3D project. At the time of doing these projects, I had so much I wanted to remember and write, but right now I can't remember any of it... At least I added a TODO in the README of my code (sigh). Definitely document when the project is still fresh!